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Caring for Employees, Warming New Year's Day - JWELL Distributes Down Jackets to Employees

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At the end of each year in the past, the 10,000-meters Marathon on New Year's Day is an indispensable ceremony for JWELL to welcome the New Year. Due to the local epidemic requirements, this year's activity was canceled in JWELL Machinery Haining Factory .

Our company has customized brand down jacket and shampoo for all employees. On the premise of keeping warm and practical, this batch of down jackets also take comfort and beauty into full consideration, absorbing a lot of fashion elements. After wearing them, employees become heroic and energetic, which won the praise of all them.



In the process of welfare distribution, waves of laughter passed a festive atmosphere. Everyone's face is filled with a happy smile, so that the cold winter instantly become warm, but also fully reflects the company's care for employees.




Down jacket wear on the body, warm in the heart. The heart-warming welfare not only brings the New Year's greetings to everyone, but also brings the staff's heart full of emotion. Everyone expressed that they would turn the company's care into the working power in 2022, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the company!




In recent years, JWELL company's performance is flourishing and the enterprise has stepped into the stage of steady and rapid development. At the same time, the company never forgets the humanistic care for employees. At the same time of greatly increasing the income of employees, also actively organize employees for physical examination and various benefits.  It fully reflects the company's care for them and enhances the sense of belonging and happiness of employees. In this way, we are encouraged to devote all our energy to the development and expansion of the company.

Happy new year !


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