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Good quality,good cooperation.

Good quality,good cooperation.It is a very pleasant experience with Jwell.All people are very kind and responsible.Kevi Zhou is so amazing through out my whole process and was great with communication.Hope we can have a long cooperation.

A most trustworthy company i have ever met!

A most trustworthy company i have ever met!We have connected for a long time for our process.From big project to very small problem,jwell always is patient to help me.Thanks a lot for Jwell the effort.

This is not the first time i order Jwell's machine.

This is not the first time i order Jwell's machine.The machine is very good,simple operation,longlife usage.Since 2003,we met in plastic exhibition.It's a good experience for that time we got together to discuss the pipe machine.

Very good machine!

Very good machine! Jwell is famous all over the world. I believe the company who always have good fame.I heard Jwell from my friend and he says he like jwell people. That is why i decided to buy machine from Jwell, i believe my best friend and i also believe Jwell .

Cote d'ivoire
PP thick plate extrusion line

One of the most reliable and trustworthy Extrusion Machine Manufacturers in China.Excellent company that I have worked with for many years. I have never had an issue with any of my product and they have produced hundreds of thousands of feet for me. Highly recommend.

PET Sheet Extrusion Line

WELL have been a great partner for us throughout the years. Our experience has included great customer experience, timely responses, fair pricing, and quick turn around. I value the business they provide and would recommend them any day.

Mohamed Abo Halima
PC sunshine board

I've worked with JWELL for the past 8 years.They are my #1 vendor. They are consistently providing excellent service and perfect quality well, they are really nice folks to work with, who go above and beyond on a daily basis, and when something "special" is needed, they are always willing to accommodate my request.

Wael El-Sayed
HDPE thick plate extrusion line

Very professional and sensible with a willingness to meet the customers needs and requirements. Thanks JWELL, let's continue the great working relationship.Very efficient and fast . Recommended, thanks very much.

Salaheddine Benguiba
Wood-plastic Equipment

Всем привет! Мы давно сотрудничаем с этой компанией, закупаем пластиковое оборудование, в основном оборудование из древесно-пластикового профиля. Отличный продукт и доставлен вовремя. На мой взгляд, это главный лидер российского рынка, рекомендую!

Светлана Догадина
Window Profile Equipment

Very good and trustworthy company! We purchased 5 window profile production lines, the service was very good, the equipment was manufactured and delivered on time!

Côte d'Ivoire
Pelletizing Equipment

Very responsive staff. We ordered the granulation equipment and are very satisfied with the quality. The operator can directly monitor the manufacturing process himself, so everything is at the highest level!

Jaswinder Jamwal
Buckleboard Equipment

We have been working with JWELL company for a long time. I recently ordered wood-plastic production equipment, the delivery is on time, the company is stable, and the employees are active and responsible. Recommended!

Ebrahim Agha
Wood-plastic Equipment

Давно работаем с этой компанией и дают отличные консультации по всем вопросам оборудования. Мои клиенты также будут размещать повторные заказы на пластиковые изделия, произведенные производственной линией, я рекомендую это!


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