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Father's Day:to my beloved father

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There is such a man in this world that
bear hardship without complaint to support me,
not a good speaker, and stay silent with me.
He may not be a millionaire,
but always leave the best for me.

He's not the most powerful guy,
but he is the great hero in my heart.


This man, is the father!

For decades live out of a suitcase,
working away from home.
Never feel tired and complain life,
always carry any trouble on their shoulders,
never winning to family.
He is all man!


is the unique that
the best father in the whole world!

Gratitude to my father that
try his best to raise me up .
Protect me from the wind and rain and be strict with me.
Teach me how to behave in the world, and love me for entire life!


A thank you is too light,
can't express my love for my father!
A thank you is too short’
can't depict the hard work of my father!
But I still want to say that
Dad, thank you! I love you!
For so many years.
we are a family that is supported by rain or shine.

The first half of my life, you raised me
and the rest of my life, I'll protect you!


When we succeed,
the joy of father is always hidden in his heart,
but it always flows out unconsciously.
They look at us, his eyes calm
with a sense of encouragement and expectation.
This expectation, like spring rain, inspire us,
encourage us to pursuit of dreams,
and become our motivation to keep moving forward.


We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.
As a son or daughter,
wish our father good health and long life!

On this Father's Day in June,
may every father in the world peace and happiness!


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