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Induction Conference--Welcome to JWELL Classmates

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Recently, more than 30 students from the Jwell class of Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and Technical College and the Jwell class of Wuhu Vocational and Technical College held a newcomer induction meeting in the Haining plant of Jwell Machinery, and passed a series of comprehensive training, from production safety, electrical Safety, assembly, machining, the use of tools and measuring tools, and then refined to the main types of work in each workshop and each post, the students have a comprehensive understanding.



At present, every student is happily assigned to a position that they are interested in and professionally matched, and during the next internship period, each position of the students is equipped with "one-on-one" master guidance, from In terms of ideology, habits and methods, the students share their experience in practical work, and pass on the fine character of Jwell's traditional craftsmen's love and dedication, so as to help the students to grow up quickly.



At the induction meeting, Mr. Lou affirmed the vigor, vitality and vision of the future displayed by the new employees, and welcomed them to join the Jwell family.


Finally, I hope that the new employees will work happily and live happily in the Jwell family.

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