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【Interview with He Haichao, Chairman of JWELL】Extrusion equipment in the trend of subdivision and customization...

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At present, the extrusion equipment industry is facing some new trends:The market application of extrusion products is: more finely differentiated, and the demand for customized special equipment is growing rapidly. Therefore, it has become an important mission for extrusion equipment suppliers to design and manufacture products to meet the needs of different segments. 

"This is what JWELL has always been doing." Said Mr. He , chairman of JWELL Machinery Co., LTD.

Sustainable Platforming Cooperation

SHANGHAI JWELL EXTRUSION MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1997. As the vice president unit of CPMIA, Professional plastic extrusion machinery and chemical fiber spinning equipment manufacturer.The production bases of JWELL company are consisted with 7 parts, which are located in Shanghai , Zhoushan, Suzhou ,Changzhou, Haining, Foshan and Thailand. Annual production of more than 3000 sets of high-grade plastic polymer extrusion production line and other complete sets of equipment. JWELL owns more than 20 professional companies, whose products cover all kinds of polymer material blending granulation, pipeline, profile, plate, sheet, non-woven fabric, chemical fiber spinning and other production lines.  And hollow molding machine, plastic recycling (crushing, cleaning, granulating), single screw/twin screw extruder and screw barrel, T mold, multi-layer round die head, net changer, roller, automatic auxiliary machine and other accessories.

The annual output of more than 3000 sets of high-grade plastic polymer extrusion production lines and other complete sets of equipment, as well as the enterprise honor won for many years, make JWELL worthy to become the leader of extrusion machinery industry in China. Many people in the industry are curious about such a large company, how to manage it?

In the interview, Mr. He described JWELL's whole system as "a platform ecological chain". Its typical characteristic is specializing in their areas. There are a large number of professional technical design and customer service personnel here, and the product technology is complex, customized products are numerous.

“Among the more than 20 specialized companies under JWELL, each company has its own expertise, which can be described as "a hundred flowers bloom together". We created this model by chance. After years of operation, we found that it fits the current needs of customization and specialization, is close to the customer's process, and gives full play to the advantages of system integration." Mr. He said.


The advantage of the platform model lies in that each branch company has formed a flexible system. In the face of some market opportunities, it can quickly get through all aspects of production and produce high-quality production lines that customers need.

For example, in the face of the sudden epidemic in 2020, Jinwei's screw company, mold company, spinneret company, chemical fiber equipment company and electrical automation department quickly gathered together. Before many people react, they have matched the superior resources with the fastest speed in the industry. A standardized 1600 melt-blown cloth production line has come out from JWELL workshop.

Every time a new material appears or promotes, always causes the macromolecule material industry to develop greatly. In recent years, according to the market demand, developed ASA decorative film production line, degradable starch plastics filler modified granulation line, PET bottle recycling granulation line, graphene slit coating compound production line, medical EVA transparent film laminating line, medical TPU stretch film line, horizontal water-cooled high-speed corrugated pipe production line, PE1600mm thick wall solid wall pipe production line, BM30 continuous extrusion double online-molded hollow molding machine, PA film embossing production line, 8500mm wide geomeme/waterproof roll production line, rubber tire waste recycling and modification production line, etc.


In addition, the platform-based model also has great advantages in resource sharing, centralized procurement, quality management, policy support, training sharing, after-sales service, technical standardization, big data network sharing and other links.

Open Equity incentives System

Equity incentive is also one of the distinguishing marks between JWELL and its peers. According to Chairman He Haichao, he has left a large part of the equity of his more than 20 professional companies to the management and company backbone to provide them with a good environment and various resources, and build a large platform for win-win cooperation. Because of this, JWELL team can constantly emerge a variety of brave technical leaders, laying the most solid foundation for the company's sustainable development.

For example, Suzhou JWELL Technology Co., LTD., newly established in 2021, is an important part of JWELL Machinery. Through technological innovation and resource integration, it fully combines the needs of the development of industrial intelligent manufacturing and focuses on the pain points of the industry development. To provide customers with professional robot, manipulator, membrane labeling, automatic recycling waste edge, automatic packaging and other plastic machinery automation solutions.

In addition, zhejiang Haining factory, which was newly built in recent years, is close to Hangzhou and about an hour's drive from Shanghai, with a superior geographical location. It was completed and put into operation in June 2020, with an output value of 280 million RMB in half a year. At present, there are four professional companies. Mainly involved in the production line of decorative building materials (profiles, foam boards, doors and Windows equipment, etc.), sheet film production line of plastic packaging materials, high-grade plastic pipe production line, large-scale non-woven production line, preimpregnated carbon fiber composite material production line, etc. At present, we are actively recruiting all kinds of excellent talents.

Compared with the factory management mode in Changzhou and Suzhou, Haining factory is very different. Changzhou is the model of industrial incubation park, in which a number of enterprises develop vigorously. It is believed that there will be excellent companies leading in the industry to stand out. Suzhou is all kinds of core parts base and large production line manufacturing company. Mr.He introduction, "we want to make new patterns in Haining, we referred to as the" little giant enterprises "mode, is a" sustainable platform for cooperation, technology innovation "mode of management to abandon complex architecture, no regional corporation management structure, explore the flattening minimalist management, improve efficiency, close to the customers, thus improving customer experience and is still in exploring stage of development."

The Specialization of Subdivision

How does an excellent platform breed greater business success? Mr. He firmly believes that we must find accurate positioning in the segmented field, so as to know ourselves and the enemy, not afraid of competition. "Good professional quality is forced out of the market competition, we must focus on the segmentation of the field of continuous innovation, the intention to adhere to lasting. In my opinion, every achievement is inseparable from focus. Many successful people focus on a certain field for more than 10 years, at least four hours a day, more than 200 working days a year, and accumulate nearly 10,000 hours to achieve results. This is the "10,000 hours of success Rule". With a clear goal, we stick to our professional ethics and serve our customers conscientiously, so that we can attract more customers and let them see our superior product value and professional.


Mr. He highlighted the constant emergence of new materials and the need for subdivisions of the same material in different applications.
With the improvement of people's living standards, the application of various new materials in the direction of composite, multifunctional development and change.
Even for the same material, they have developed various needs in different applications. Taking TPU material as an example, it emphasizes safety and non-toxicity in the medical industry, emphasizes color diversity in the car clothing film industry, and requires outstanding performance in the packaging industry.
Based on the changes in the subdivision field, the extrusion equipment industry is also actively trying to find its own positioning and direction in these new application scenarios -- not only to specialize, but also to achieve reliable performance, cost-effective, energy saving and high degree of automation.
In terms of product specialization, Goldfield has remarkable performance in developing new materials and the same material in different fields. For example, JWELL keeps researching and testing in TPU film industry, TPU foaming, TPU medical film, TPU car clothing film, TPU functional composite film, TPU hot melt film and other more than 10 categories of sub-product industry fields. In the field of special function film, combining the technical characteristics of users and market applications, JWELL actively invests in development and experiment, and successfully develops special function film production line and other products needed by the market.


For different countries and regions, customer requirements will be very different. Mr. He told us that in India and other developing countries, local customers need machines that are more simple to operate, while some factories in Europe, The United States and China put forward high requirements for automation. These large-scale demand differences lead JWELL to produce extrusion equipment directly into several different versions: simple standard version, enterprise customized version to meet certain industry applications and customized version to fully meet customer's personalized needs.
We do normal products at the same time, optimization design, the debugging, improve product performance in product safety performance optimization design and specification, it is always JWELL to the efforts in the direction of the first, how to meet the customers' personalized requirements, accord with the design specifications of the European and American countries, requires that we constantly improve the requirements, to Europe and the United States of peer learning, The design of safety performance into every detail of the products!


Complete customization to customer needs is easier said than done. Mr. He admitted that customization is not simply to deliver the machine to the customer, but also need to understand the customer's needs in detail, and then carry out the design, detail control, remote guidance, after-sales service and other work. "We have noticed that the demand for remote guidance is growing rapidly. During the pandemic, JWELL began to work out standardized production lines and flexible composite interfaces, which bring great convenience to the installation and commissioning of customers. On the other hand, When JWELL recruited more than 10 years ago, we focused on selecting high-quality employees and letting them study systematically in professional colleges and universities. We also paid attention to their English proficiency. We can fully support overseas debugging and customer English communication, which is very rare."

On the one hand, JWELL emphasizes the importance of segmentation. On the other hand, through this segmentation, it forces all professional companies to have the courage and perseverance to do their own professional products, so as to achieve the goal of excellence, so as to achieve better quality and service.

Run First depend on 4 Key Points

In many years of practice, Mr. He grow restless and his team developed special "critical", grasp of market opportunities breathtaking: which markets there is an opportunity, they always seems to lead others step found that polymer medical equipment and other fields, age and disease resistant protection product, raise new macromolecule material, such as lightweight of new composite material, and so on.

"For JWELL, we don't care about being the first to launch a new product. We could be second, third, or even fourth or fifth. But we don't get discouraged because we spend more time doing better. When it comes to the actual business, JWELL is not in a hurry to be the first to compete for the so-called nominal number one. Instead, it often lags behind, observes in the dark, and then concentrates all its strength to maximize its strengths and circumvent its weaknesses to serve its big customers." Mr He shared.

"So many opportunities! China's manufacturing sector is full of opportunities as the epidemic situation is well under control and industrial upgrading is accelerating." Mr. He was full of optimism and talked about composite materials, new medical materials, plastic recycling technology, new energy vehicle lithium battery paste continuous extrusion technology and other fields. Innovation leads to new products or service ideas that completely change the way things were done. If you can use less electricity, that's a real energy saving innovation. If you can do it with less material or faster and so on, that's true technological innovation or technological progress. As far as the company is concerned, this is very important. In the end, the people who survive are not necessarily the ones who get the lowest prices, but the ones who get the best products and services.

Once an opportunity is identified, the next step is to market it quickly. For this reason, Mr. He organized all general managers of JWELL to propose some key projects every year. Once approved by the board of directors, different laboratories and related technical personnel will be assigned to tackle key projects. In addition, Mr. He also uses the strength of raw material manufacturers, university institutions, and strength manufacturers to jointly develop the market needs of the technology. "For example, a few years ago, JWELL cooperated with Exxon Mobil to develop the technology of HDPE and TPO wide-width waterproof roll. For example, we cooperated with domestic and foreign universities with strong research and development capabilities, such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Donghua University, and jointly developed new materials and new technologies. Based on customer needs, JWELL has developed new materials and new technologies. Targeted to find upstream manufacturers capable of resource integration examples. We integrate all our resources, attack the technical pain points from the inside, and finally launch specialized products that meet the needs of the market segment." Mr. He said.

In recent years, JWELL has set up a number of laboratories focused on new plastics processing technologies that are widely discussed in the market. For example, the liyang factory in Changzhou has two R&D laboratories equipped with 5-6 sets of new instruments and experimental production lines. General Manager Shan Yetao and General Manager Liu Chunhua lead technical staff to develop various new materials and new processes. "When we do this well, we can produce an industrialised process, which can then be introduced to the market through pilot tests." Mr. He said.

In Mr. He's mind, the most critical factor for many professional companies of JWELL to lead the extrusion equipment industry lies in "people". In the interview, He repeatedly stressed: "Thousands of good employees make up the real JWELL!" More than a decade ago, JWELL saw the importance of having a large number of highly qualified employees. In addition to hiring foreign executives and overseas experts, JWELL also selects employees with excellent character, technical quality, professional expertise in a certain field, persistent dedication, striving and innovative spirit to be its partners. In addition, In 2007, JWELL began to cooperate with the school to cultivate professional talents. With more than ten years of efforts, this cooperation mode has become mature, and the "JWELL Class" continuously established has provided a large number of talents for the major industrial bases of JWELL.

He kept asking himself: Are we focused enough on improving the product? "I don't think so. My advice is to take the time to polish the product to perfection, and make it good is the result. Why do companies exist? It's a group of people who come together to create great products and services. But this is often overlooked. The company name itself has no value. The value depends on the product that comes out."

In the face of new industries, new fields and new materials, the leaders of different subsectors are striving to accelerate the research and development of new technologies in the major laboratories of JWELL. Despite repeated outbreaks in 2020 and 2021, JWELL still has intrepid staff stationed in various overseas markets to actively meet the needs of overseas customers and win a good reputation for JWELL brand. Moreover, every ordinary but great JWELL staff has been sticking to their posts for years and doing things well with heart.

"If the company can innovate and let users enjoy using the product, I think it can build a very good sustainable business." Mr. He explained, "We need to focus on building a good product. " We firmly believe that if we have a product that some users really like and are better than others, no matter how bad the market is right now, there's a big opportunity."

Treating excellent suppliers as god is also a unique feature of JWELL. Mr. He  believes: plastic machinery is a very complex integrated equipment system, any part of the problem will affect product quality, bring inestimable loss. Thanks to the selfless support and help from a large number of excellent suppliers,JWELL Group can become the leader of extrusion molding machine industry in China. Therefore, JWELL will communicate with suppliers sincerely every year to commend and reward excellent suppliers who can provide excellent product quality, reasonable price, good brand reputation, spirit of contract and sense of service.


Mr. He firmly believes that only by in-depth understanding and increasing investment in the future market and technology can we continue to lead the development of the industry.

 "In the next few decades, the market will enter a new era of quality, if not well-known brands in the industry, or not on a good platform, the enterprise is not far from death. It's important for customers to have a very good customer experience with a growing brand that has a reputation for quality, good products and professional services." What he said is a wake-up call.

JWELL people's mission is to "adhere to hard work and innovation, pay attention to customer experience, and create an intelligent ecological chain in the field of global extrusion equipment. Let every enterprise and excellent employees on this platform have a stage to show their value!"

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