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Mr. He Shijun, the founder of JINHAILUO, visited ZHOUSHAN JWELL Screw&Barrel Co.,LTD.

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Recently, Mr. He Shijun, the founder of JWELL, went to the front line of the workshop of ZHOUSHAN JWELL Screw&Barrel Co.,LTD., accompanied by Pu Junhui, the vice president of production, and Sha Juhua, the director of the comprehensive management department, to visit the staff who are still fighting on the front line in the high temperature and heat. He observed and guided the screw production work on site. Thanks to the frontline workers for their tremendous efforts to deliver production tasks on time. He urged everyone to pay attention to safety, and to do a good job in preventing heatstroke while strengthening the normalized prevention and control measures for the epidemic.


In the past 40 years, Zhoushan Screw&Barrel has grown out of nothing and formed its own faction, and has developed into the largest "plastic machine screw&barrel production base" in China today; He is still concerned about the development prospects of China's screw, and has always focused on the development of China's plastics. The extrusion machinery industry is a lifetime responsibility, Mr. He carried it on the shoulders, concerned about the growth of several enterprises, and often put forward valuable suggestions for the development of the company. After more than 40 years of practical innovation and the unremitting efforts of two generations, the JINHAILUO brand has developed into the first leading enterprise in China's plastic machinery extrusion industry for 11 consecutive years - Jwell Machinery. Jwell people in the new era also continue to carry forward the spirit of "dare to be the first in the world, love and work hard to get the win", and use more and more great products give back to the earnest expectations of the older generation of Jwell.




The kind care of Mr. He Shijun, the founder of JINHAILUO, made everyone feel the warmth, a kind of care and concern from the heart, without glamorous words to please the public, only the sincerity that you can feel in every word. Seeing that Mr. He was in good health, full of energy, still looking good, we all said that Mr. He had worked hard for JWELL and it was a blessing for the company that he was now in good health! We wish Mr. He can continue to maintain a happy mood and healthy body, and enjoy the happiness.


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