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Nice smell of Zongzi leaves, Happy the Dragon Boat Festival

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JWELL prepare Dragon Boat Festival gifts for all employees: Wufangzhai Zongzi, Gaoyou Salted Duck Eggs.
Zongzi leaves, wormwood keep the unchanging fragrance,
Touching legends circulating along with the Miluo River,
The passionate dragon boat paddling the years’ prayer,
Deep miss in people's hearts.

A person who never changes,
A tradition passed down from generation to generation,
together into a beautiful name,
Dragon Boat Festival.


May 5th, the Dragon Boat Festival.
Climb higher and look far,
Or watch the dragon boat race along the river,
Or feast on festive delicacies,
The time is quiet and good, and the years are long.

Conduct, mindfulness,
The party is the Dragon Boat Festival.
Let us in this traditional festival,
Thinking about the past, looking forward to the future,
I wish you a healthy and auspicious Dragon Boat Festival, peace and happiness,
Every year, every year, festive reunion!

Finally, let's take a look at the blessings from the JWELL class~


Wuhu Vocational and Technical College Jwell Class


JWELL Class of Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry University


JWELL Class of Wuhu Science and Technology Engineering School

Splendid world, flourishing
When the students received the gifts from JWELL
My heart must be full of gratitude and warmth~

The 2023 Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangement notice is as follows:
There will be a 2-day holiday from June 22 (Thursday) to June 23 (Friday), 2023.
On June 25 (Sunday), I will take a day off to go to work.

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