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Opening up new markets, Jwell participated in PMEC CHINA

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From June 19 to 21, 2024, the 17th PMEC CHINA (World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials Exhibition) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Jwell will bring pharmaceutical packaging equipment to the N3 Hall G08 booth of Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center to discuss business cooperation on pharmaceutical intelligent equipment with partners from all over the world. You are welcome to visit!


Keep moving forward and keep striving. Over the past two decades, Jwell has grown and developed to a new level with its profound industry experience, unswerving innovative ideas and keen perception of user needs. Today, Jwell has entered the pharmaceutical field, identified its advantages, expanded its business, taken the initiative, seized opportunities, and strived to create characteristics and achievements in the pharmaceutical industry and provide users with high-quality products.


Product Highlights

CPP/CPE cast film production line


Equipped with automatic thickness control system and efficient cooling roller, it can produce CPE film with good transparency and small thickness variation, equipped with gravimetric batch metering system, constant airflow cutting, controllable stretching, controllable orientation, embossing, printing, lamination, etc. are all very convenient.

Application areas
● Medical membranes, used for infusion bags, plasma bags, wound dressings, etc.
● Used as the outer layer of diapers for babies and adults, and films for feminine hygiene products
● Isolation film, protective clothing

Medical precision small tube production line


It mainly produces high-speed extrusion precision medical equipment such as central venous catheters, endotracheal cannulas, medical three-layer (two-layer) light-proof infusion tubes, blood circuit (dialysis) tubes, blood transfusion tubes, multi-lumen tubes, and precision hoses.

TPU dental plastic film production line


High-end TPU dental plastic membrane production line specially designed for 100,000-class clean rooms
Product thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
Product width: 137*2mm, 137*3mm, 137*4mm
Maximum output: 10-25KG/H

● The design concept of 10,000-level laboratory greatly reduces the noise and vibration of the equipment
● JWCS-AI-1.0 operating system, with more optimized whole-line linkage closed-loop control capability
● Special layout greatly reduces the footprint of the equipment

Medical packaging material production line


The sheets produced by this equipment are mainly used in medical packaging and other fields, such as clinical surgical instrument packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, turnover pallets, orthopedic and ophthalmic instrument packaging, etc.

TPU medical film production line


As a thermoplastic, degradable and environmentally friendly material, TPU medical film can effectively serve as a barrier to block bacteria. It has good elasticity and comfort for the human body, as well as good biocompatibility and skin-friendliness. Its excellent performance makes it the best material for medical external application on the human body surface.

It is widely used in medical transparent wound dressings, medical non-woven wound dressings, medical waterproof breathable wound dressings, wound fixation patches, suture-free tapes, baby belly button patches, film surgical towels, waterproof band-aids, medical hypoallergenic tapes, surgical gowns, plasma bags, medical airbags, etc. It is also used as a polyurethane condom, which is twice as strong as latex, and can be made thinner to increase sensitivity. This new condom is transparent, odorless, resistant to oil lubricants, can prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and is especially suitable for people who are allergic to latex.

Medical multifunctional thermostat


JWHW multifunctional desktop thermostat adopts cooling and heating bidirectional constant temperature mode, the temperature is controlled between -70~150℃, the required value can be set arbitrarily, and the temperature difference can be controlled within the range of 0.5℃ accuracy. It is suitable for medical and health, food and chemical, scientific research and environmental protection and other occasions where temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical reagents, blood products, experimental materials, etc. are used.

Plastic Medical Bed Blow Molding Machine


● Suitable for producing various specifications of plastic medical bed headboards, footboards and guardrails
● Adopt high-output extrusion system and storage die head
● According to the raw material conditions, JW-DB plate-type single-station hydraulic screen changing system can be selected
● The template specifications and dimensions can be customized according to the product size

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