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2023-2024 JWELL Supplier Conference was successfully held

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On January 19-20th, 2024, Jwell held the 2023-2024 Supplier Conference with the theme of "Excellent Quality, Service First". More than 200 people,representatives from more than 110 suppliers, including Suzhou Inovance Technology Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Wolter Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Gnord Transmission System (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yishen Technology Co., Ltd., gathered together to review the past year, look forward  the future, and seek a new pattern of common development.

Achievement sharing

Strategy sharing


Mr.He Haichao, chairman of Jwell Company, focused on how to find a direction and how to achieve high-quality development under the situation that the current economic situation in domestic and abroad is not optimistic.He explained that we should form unique values in the direction of models, products, new technologies, and technology transformation, we should take China as a base to radiate to the world, while continueing to advance in according to the rules of globalization.Break through China and the whole world. Meet high-end users, improve the quality of the products, and jointly serve high-end customers.

Representatives of excellent suppliers made speeches



Mr. Wu Huashan, General Manager of Gnord Transmission System (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., and Ms. Zhou Jie, Key Account Manager of Zhangjiagang Wolter Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., as representatives of excellent suppliers, shared their long-term cooperation experience with Jwell. They hope to carry out multi-field and in-depth strategic cooperation with Jwell in the future, and work together for win-win cooperation.

Supplier experience


Liu Yuan, director of Fujian Minxuan Technology Co., Ltd

Dear Mr. He, I'm sorry to send you a message so late, but I can't sleep at night, and I have been reviewing and digesting what you said at the supplier meeting during the day, I am listening carefully, and I have made two pages of notes, which has benefited me a lot! I am really grateful to you and the company's leaders for their unique vision and avant-garde ideas of taking precautions and being prepared for danger in times of peace, and are willing to share them with suppliers without reservation, the purpose is to hope that we can keep up with the pace of development of Jwell and learn and grow together, and not be eliminated by this era. I have always been proud and proud to be able to cooperate with companies like Jwell, because Jwell not only does a good job of itself, but also encourages, drives and supports supporting supply chain enterprises to do a good job together, which is indeed a big pattern.

Regarding what you mentioned, now it is not only necessary to follow the standardization, but also to meet the user's personalized customization, differentiated needs, to have unique value, this point of view is really good, because all things can not follow the rules, unchanged, an enterprise can not only do what they want to do products, but to do the high-quality and professional products that users need, to meet the needs of high-end users, which is definitely the direction of our continuous improvement and development.

Minxuan Technology officially became the supplier of Jwell in March 2019, and in five years, we are indeed worried that  our company’s development and product quality will not be able to keep up with Jwell's high-precision equipment. Minxuan's business model is also a joint-stock system, we have a group of energetic and talented young people in various positions to perform their duties, the company also has various stages of development ladder and a clear future direction plan. If we are lucky to be able to follow Jwell's big ship to set sail abroad, please believe that Minxuan will never fall behind.

Today's key word is "breakthrough", and the old map can't find the New World. I personally believe that what enterprises are most afraid of is that some people are willing to do anything in order to escape from real thinking, so you are right, change must start from the ideology, not the formal surface effort. How to make the product detailed, refined and specialized, how to enhance the added value, how to reflect the uniqueness, and how to truly achieve rapid and high-quality development are the places where we urgently need to make breakthroughs.
After returning back to my company, I will definitely report all the meeting content today to our Chairman Mr.Zhu, and formulate a series of effective and implementable measures for some of the current problems and future development directions.

Annual awards

Outstanding Supplier Awards




Commend the advanced and encourage innovation. The achievement of excellent performance is inseparable from the full cooperation and efficient cooperation of the supplier team. The conference commended the suppliers with outstanding performance in quality assurance, R&D innovation, delivery improvement, cost optimization and other aspects in 2023 and awarded the Excellent Supplier Award, which fully demonstrated that Jwell and all supplier partners jointly embrace new opportunities and establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship of trust, friendship and win-win cooperation.

Take a tour of the factory

The supplier visited the Haining plant


Before the meeting, the company organized suppliers to visit the factory to understand the company's development history, factory production scale, product technical characteristics, etc., to watch the first-line production and processing process at close range, to feel the company's strict control and excellence in the production process, and to experience the hard power of Jwell.

Welcome Banquet

Banquet and sweepstakes







A welcome banquet and a lucky draw were held in the evening, and the dinner was interspersed with wonderful singing and dancing performances and lucky draws, which pushed the dinner to a climax. Friends toast together, wish Jwell and suppliers better development, and wish each other a longer friendship.

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