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2023 staff exchange party in JWELL Chuzhou factory

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At the beginning of the new year, Chairman of Jwell Machinery, He Haichao, came to Chuzhou factory to lead the general managers of various professional companies in the Chuzhou area to the Langya Temple in Chuzhou to pray for the New Year for all employees, and wish everyone a safe and smooth new year!



During the evening party, all employees of JWELL Machinery's Chuzhou factory, Quanjiao factory and brother company Anhui Jiewei gathered together. Mr. He Haichao, chairman of the board, attended the exchange party and delivered a speech.



Mr. He delivered a speech

Before the party started, Mr. He delivered a passionate speech to all the employees in the Chuzhou factory. First of all, he wished everyone a good old age and gave them a New Year's "souvenir"!

At the same time, Director He also put forward New Year's expectations for all employees in the new factory area: each of our employees must set goals and have an innovative spirit. We can start with small staged goals and gradually achieve larger goals. After choosing a good goal, we must work hard towards the goal unswervingly, just like our entrepreneurial spirit, we must "persevere with our hearts". A good choice can save everyone from many detours and benefit a lot from it, so We must face every important choice cautiously, think twice before acting. In life and work, we must always uphold the core concept of "treating people honestly".

Relaxed and happy communication scene






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