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JWELL donated an extrusion testing machine to Jurong Vocational School Deepening school-enterprise cooperation

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On February 13, a group of school leaders and teachers led by Chen Chunhua, the vice principal of Jurong Secondary Vocational School, Wang Ping, director of the Admissions and Employment Office, and Zhu Yangxing, director of the Electrical Department, visited Liyang JWELL Industrial Park for guidance. Liu Chunhua, General Manager of JWELL Machinery, Yu Hui, Minister of Human Resources Department, Mr. Zang Guohua, head teacher of JWELL Class, and outstanding alumni of Jurong Technical Secondary School warmly received the research team.


JWELL Machinery has cooperated with Jurong Technical Secondary School since 2001, starting from arranging students for post internships. After more than 20 years of exploration and practice, it has formed an in-depth cooperation model integrating school and enterprise, and has embarked on a joint education between enterprises and schools. The road to talent cultivation.


At the meeting, the leaders of Jurong Technical Secondary School discussed with the senior management of our company the professional talent training plan and curriculum construction of the JWELL class, so that vocational education can be accurately "connected" with the needs of enterprises.


"Train qualified practical talents by yourself!", JWELL Machinery has been adhering to the road of school-enterprise cooperation for many years, and has established different types of "JWELL Classes". Since 2008, nearly a thousand graduates have entered JWELL Many positions in the company have become the backbone of the company.


The rich experience of school-enterprise joint talent training has made JWELL understand that what is learned on paper is superficial, and it must be done in practice. Wei Machinery specially donated an extrusion testing machine to Jurong Technical Secondary School, hoping to use the training equipment donated by the enterprise to realize the training upgrade, curriculum upgrade, teaching ability upgrade, and talent training level upgrade of the school's JWELL class. School-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents together!



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