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Appreciation of the award-winning works of the 5th "China Plastic Machine Style" Photography Exhibition

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The lens of the scene, one by one to show the new style of the vigorous development of plastic machine industry, show the "plastic machine man" high-spirited new style of the picture fixed. Organized by China plastics machinery industry association of the fifth "Chinese plastic machinery exhibition", After the recommendation application and expert review, the judges carefully selected from the numerous submitted entries, and outstanding works stood out one by one. These works closely adhered to the theme and showed the beauty of "China's presses" from multiple angles. The beauty of humanity and equipment allows a landscape, a story, and a culture to be presented under the lens.


Sharing of some award-winning works of Jwell


● PE thick-walled pipe ABA three-layer co-extrusion
● Outer diameter range: 900mm-1600mm
● Intelligent temperature control
● Maximum wall thickness that can be produced: 110mm
● Double-machine co-extrusion, maximum output: 1800KG/H



● High plasticizing high yield and low shear extruder, extrusion output reaches 1500Kg/h, extrusion energy consumption is only 448KW /h
● The automatic extrusion die head of the 8-meter wide geomembrane has a coat-hanger structure inside the cavity. The flow channel analysis is carried out through the simulation software, so that the material is evenly distributed in the cavity. The internal heat does not accumulate locally, so that the material is more uniformly extruded from the die.
● The calender of the 8-meter wide geomembrane high-speed extrusion production line, the roller is double-layered, the built-in reciprocating spiral flow channel, the large flow, the high-efficiency temperature heat exchange, and the product forming temperature is uniform.
● Wide-width geomembrane storage rack and automatic winder. The storage rack can automatically float up and down according to the set safety tension to ensure that the tension on the surface of the material makes the geomembrane not stretched or loose. The automatic winder can automatically calculate the roll diameter according to the set tension, and automatically cut according to the set length to ensure the winding length, and the winding length error is within plus or minus 5mm. The natural drop of the center height makes the sheet fall on the inflatable shaft, which is convenient for personnel to fix with nails.
● Wide range of products 5-8.5 meters



● Jwell is a leading professional manufacturer of polymer waterproofing membrane equipment in China. It has been providing a complete set of production line equipment for Driental yuhong, Karen, Joaboa, GSE, Sika and other first-class waterproof enterprises at home and abroad. It is suitable for the production of various materials and Multi-layer waterproofing membranes with different structures. The largest finished product coil width can reach 9000mm.
● Five-roll calendering machine is the main component of the composite polymer waterproofing membrane production line. This production line is suitable for waterproofing membranes made of PVC, TPO, PE and other materials. The structure of the membrane includes:
Ⅰ) Homogeneous coil (code H): waterproof membrane without inner reinforcement or backing material;
Ⅱ) Coiled material with fiber backing (code L): a waterproofing membrane compounded on the lower surface of the coiled material with fabric such as polyester non-woven fabric;
Ⅲ) Internal reinforced membrane (code P): waterproof membrane reinforced with polyester mesh in the middle of the membrane;
Ⅳ) Internally reinforced membrane (code G): a waterproof membrane reinforced with glass fiber mesh in the middle of the membrane;
● Composite polymer waterproof membrane production line - five-roll calendering machine Main technical parameters:
Product width: 1200-2000mm;
Product thickness: 0.4-3.0mm;
Thickness deviation: ±0.02mm;
Roller specification: φ500X2400mm;
Drive mode: Yaskawa servo drive;
Driving power: 4.4KW



Jwell is currently in a period of rapid development, and all kinds of outstanding talents are continuously joining the Jwell family. In the production workshop, you will find that there are many young faces under the helmets, and batches of young talents who are vigorous and passionate, join Jwell and grow together with Jwell. Here, they are new engineers and "new workers" in the construction of "Centennial Jwell".


Photography is a language that expresses the inner world with images; photography is the handprint of civilization, using light and shadow to retain beautiful things. Thanks for the hard work of the organizer China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, and we look forward to the next photo competition. We will see you soon.

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