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Pay attention to health, care for employees, and be grateful for you

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Jwell has been committed to the goal of higher welfare benefits for the same position in the same industry for many years. The company arranges the distribution of holiday benefits and annual health examinations on traditional holidays such International Labour Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival each year. These are the true manifestations of "No pains, no gains".

Offering a free health screen warm the hearts of employees

JWELL's major factories have established scientific and complete personal health files for employees through Various physical examinations in tertiary hospitals, and obtained professional health advice from hospital doctors to achieve "disease-free prevention and early treatment". Physical examination activities effectively protect the health rights and interests of employees and ensure that employees Work with a healthy body. Let every employee feel the warmth of the big family of Jwell, and make sure to maintain the physical and mental health of employees, and build a "health umbrella" for employees.

New Year's Day Welfare-Xuzhou Dashahe Apple

Unconsciously New Year's Day holiday is coming again. The company gave fruit benefits to each employee, and everyone who received the benefits is filled with a happy smile. Welfare represents not only good wishes, but also care for employees. Jwell is not only a platform for our development, but also a big family that people love each other.


Every traditional holiday, Jwell will prepare rich gifts and holiday greetings for everyone. Humanized management has been affirmed and supported by the majority of employees. It's the thought that counts and it warms people's hearts. This warmth also triggers everyone's enthusiasm and confidence in their work! Because of the true feelings, everyone's hearts gather, Believe that the company will be better and better!


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