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Bingo! Your summer benefits have arrived, please check~

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Midsummer is approaching, and the sun is like fire,which makes people feel hot and uncomfortable. In this situation, for all employees’ health and well-being, JWELL decided to offer a special gift to get through the high temperature.

Cooing supplies warming all staff hearts


Preparing cool supplies for everyone


Handing out the Air Circulation Fan on site

Heatstroke prevention and decreasing temperature
Since midsummer, the temperature has bee rising, so heatstroke prevention and cooling have become the top priority of safety work!


Heatstroke prevention and decreasing temperature

The car is parked with high temperature for a long time,many inconspicuous small items in the car will become security risks, so everyone should not store flammable items in the car to avoid fire hazards.


Lighters, mobile power supplies, reading glasses, electronic products, car perfumes, carbonated drinks, bottled water and other flammable and explosive items are forbidden in the car to prevent safty risks.Hope everyone have a happy ans safe driving environment.


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