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Keep your child in mind and love forever! Happy Children's Day to all the children of the world!

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When we were children, we always looked forward to growing up quickly;
When we grow up, we fantasize about going back to our childhood.
When time turns us into adults
we slowly realise that
Perhaps childhood is the bravest,
most enthusiastic, happiest and dreamiest time in life,    
The most enthusiastic, happy and dreamy time of our lives.

Children are the future of the country and the hope of the family. In the big family of Golden Weft, taking care of the healthy and happy growth of children is the joint goal of the big family of Golden Weft and all of our young parents.


On the occasion of "June 1st Children's Day", in order to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere of corporate culture, express the sincere blessings to the children of employees and welcome "June 1st", Golden Weft Machinery organized a beautiful gift sympathy activity, sent exquisite holiday gifts to the children of employees, and conveyed the good wishes to their children, wishing all the children of employees a happy holiday!

Gifts for June 1st




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