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Golden Autumn September Meet in Rongcheng——The 16th China Chengdu Rubber, Plastic and Packaging Industry Exhibition

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September 16-18,the 16th China Chengdu Rubber, Plastics and Packaging Industry Exhibition in 2021 will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center.Chengdu Rubber, Plastics and Packaging Exhibition is a professional rubber and plastics exhibition platform in Southwest my country. Through the display and exchange of new technologies, new products and new processes in the industry, it will effectively promote the development of Southwest rubber and plastics and packaging industries.As a professional manufacturer of complete sets of plastic and polymer extrusion machinery and complete sets of chemical fiber spinning equipment, Jwell Machinery has participated in the Chengdu Rubber and Plastics Packaging Exhibition for many years. And advanced green rubber and plastic technology.On September 16, Jwell Machinery will make a grand appearance again to share the latest technology and industry information with upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad.JWELL Booth: 6066, Hall 6.


JWELL has accumulated a large amount of reliable experience in innovation and reform through its strong investment in technology research and development and quality improvement, and the products it produces consistently meet the needs of various regional markets around the world.At the exhibition site, we will focus on the introduction of CJWS 75 Plus series twin-screw extruder, a special equipment for degradation and modification.After years of intensive research, continuous investment and many technical improvements, the equipment is pursuing higher quality, stronger performance and better reliability for high-end customers at home and abroad.The equipment adopts domestic ultra-high torque transmission box or original imported transmission box, and the torque level is 13.5T/A³;The barrel is inlaid with CR26 alloy steel overall sleeve, and the original thread is made of 6542 tungsten molybdenum high-speed steel;The whole machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high production capacity, and the technical indicators, product performance and comprehensive quality can also be in line with the international advanced level;Compared with world-class products, it has outstanding cost-effective advantages.The exhibits show the performance advantages of precision, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which are in line with the latest development trends of the market.



Grasp the trend and win the future! We will meet in Chengdu in September.
September 16-18,our strong technical team will start a zero-distance technical exchange with you at the exhibition site,we look forward to meeting you, both new and old.Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, the southwest rubber and plastics industry event will make you more exciting!
JWELL warmly welcomes you at booth 6066 in Hall 6, we will see you soon!




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