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In October, JWELL Machinery invites you to Chongqing International Plastics Industry Exhibition

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From October 14th to 16th,the 5th China (Chongqing) International Plastics Industry Exhibition will be held in Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center. Chongqing International Plastics Industry Exhibition as an important platform for the exchange of rubber and plastic industry in the western region, comprehensive coverage of the rubber and plastic industry upstream, midstream and downstream, the domestic well-known plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises and new materials and other high-quality enterprises gathered, through the industry's new technology, new materials, new technologies and exchanges, will be a strong boost to the development of automotive, electronics, new materials and other industries in the western region.
In October, JWELL Machinery will meet you in Chongqing to share the latest technology and industry information with upstream and downstream enterprises in the rubber and plastic industry at home and abroad.JWELL Machinery warmly welcomes you at booth 7A09-1 in Hall N8!


This exhibition closely follows the industry development hotspots, with new materials as the grasp, focusing on polymer materials, new chemical materials, composite materials, degradable materials and other fields. JWELL's products cover all kinds of polymer materials such as blending and granulation, pipe, profile, sheet, sheet, non-woven, chemical fiber spinning and other production lines, as well as hollow molding machine, plastic recycling (crushing, cleaning, granulation), single screw / twin screw extruder and screw barrel, T-shaped die, multi-layer round die head, screen changer, roller, automatic auxiliary machine and other supporting parts. At present, we have a wide range of extrusion products, but we are also expanding into new fields, and have timely developed degraded plastic starch-filled modified pelletizing line, PET bottle flake recycling pelletizing line, graphene slit coated laminated film production line, transparent PVC medical pelletizing line, ASA decorative film production line, 1600mm three-layer solid wall pipe die, BM30 continuous extrusion double-layer online fixed type hollow molding machine PA film embossing production line, 8500mm wide waterproof membrane production line, etc.

Introduction of new materials and products

1600mm super thick pipe extrusion line



Wide PE waterproofing membrane production line


JWZ-BM series pallet blow molding machine


Biodegradable plastic starch filling modification granulation line


PBAT biodegradable environmental sheet extrusion line


PE, PP wood-plastic flooring extrusion line


Various series of shredders and crushers


Rollers for cast film


8 meters waterproof coil die series


Various types of screw barrel precision parts


More exciting, waiting for you to come to the exhibition site
October 14th-16th
Chongqing International Expo Center
JWELL Machinery Booth:N8 Hall 7A09-1
We will see you there.

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