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Heading for beauty, Jwell Intelligent Manufacturing will be present at CBE

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From May 22 to 24, the 28th CBE (China Beauty Expo) 2024 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. CBE  brings together more than 1,500 high-quality cosmetics suppliers from around the world, from OEM/ODM, raw materials, inspection and testing, to packaging and mechanical equipment, to build a value exchange platform for the upstream and downstream of the beauty industry, and showcase the international cutting-edge beauty industry supply Chain ecology. It is known as the barometer and vane of the Chinese beauty market, and continues to lead the entire cosmetics industry to move forward. At that time, Jwell Machinery will appear at booth N01 in Hall N4 , bringing all-electric blow molding machines and other intelligent, automated, clean, and digital equipment to the Shanghai CBE. From extrusion, molding, filling, sealing to boxing, packing, palletizing, intelligent warehousing and other cosmetics packaging production processes, it will present cutting-edge packaging equipment technology and innovative solutions to the audience!


May 22-24, 2024
JWELL will debut
The 28th CBE China Beauty Expo
We look forward to seeing you
You are sincerely invited to witness it together!


Product Highlights



BFS system


Small volume products: mainly used for small volume injections, eye drops, ear drops, aerosols, inhalants, anesthetics, cosmetics and food products, with a filling range of 0.1ml-20ml, and the output depends on the filling volume and the number of mold cavities.
Large capacity products:

It is mainly used for intravenous injections, disinfectants, cleaning agents, large infusions and other products. The filling volume range is 50ml-1L, and the output depends on the filling volume and the number of mold cavities.

Production Process:

● Extrusion: The screw plasticizes the particles and continuously extrude them through the die to form a tube embryo. The tube embryo is supported by sterile air. The plastic hot melt and extrusion temperature is 170~220 degrees, which is a proven aseptic extrusion and heat source removal process.

● Molding: After the mold is closed at the extrusion station, the mold is quickly moved to the bottle blowing/filling station. The bottle blowing, filling and sealing stations are protected in the Class A air shower device. The plastic raw materials are molded into containers according to the shape of the mold through vacuum and/or sterile compressed air.

● Filling: Fill the liquid medicine into the container through the time pressure valve and exhaust the sterile air. The pipeline through which the liquid medicine passes is subjected to online CIP and online sterilization SIP before filling to ensure the safety of the liquid medicine.

● Sealing: After filling, the plastic between the top of the mold and the opening holder is in a semi-melted state. The sealing mold is closed to form the top of the container and seal the bottle.

● Bottle output: After the bottle is sealed, the mold opens and the bottle that has been formed, filled and sealed is sent out of the machine for edge trimming.

CBE & Get Tickets

1Audiences who scan the QR code below and complete "real-name registration with ID card" before 16:00 on May 21, 2024, can receive free tickets for a limited time;

2. From 16:00 on May 21, 2024 to 14:00 on May 24, 2024, audiences must purchase full-price tickets (100 yuan) for admission.

3. Other registration channels: CBE official website, CBE official WeChat public account menu bar, CBE Cloud Quick Selection, (Weibo, Douyin, Bilibili, etc.) CBE social media, etc.


We sincerely invite you to this feast of beauty
and explore and discover new opportunities in the industry with us.
We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition and
starting a beautiful journey together!



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