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JWELL Machinery can provide High-end customized thin film equipment to customer

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From October 19th to 21st, 2021.Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian Old Exhibition Hall). Jwell Machinery has prepared meticulously, we are waiting for you at booth J36 in Hall 9!


Benefiting from the in-depth analysis and unique insights into the needs of the functional film industry. as well as the experience and data support accumulated in the process of equipment manufacturing for many years, JWELL Machinery brings precision coating die head equipment and system solutions to make a detailed display at booth 9J3,We can customize various specifications of slit extrusion coating die for customers in different fields.The newly upgraded "coating die system" completely avoids the generation of air bubbles,and the flexible and convenient operation mode provides the strongest technical support for stable and efficient production for customers.

Products Intriduction
Slot Coating Dies


● It can produce very thin coatings as well as transparent optical coatings
● It adopts a relatively large die lip gap, which can reach 0.0762mm
● It uses interchangeable control gap slices to change the thickness and width of the coating from less than 1μm to 254μm of coating thickness
● It controls the amount of coating within a tolerance variation of about 5% with a coating thickness of only 2μm
● It can be used in batteries, ceramic capacitors, decorative surfaces, electronic display media, filter films, floors, fuel cells, magnetic slurries, medical products, photoresist materials, pressure sensitive tapes, solar cells, superconductors, tear tapes and films for windows, etc.

Laminating, Cast Film Extrusion Line


● It uses the extrusion flow-casting method for single-layer lamination and double-layer lamination of high-pressure polyethylene, OPP film, trademark paper, film, cloth and other substrates.
● It is mainly used for packaging, paper-plastic composite film
● It can be customized according to requirements

With the development of automotive, new energy, consumer electronics, photovoltaic, medical and other terminal application fields, the upgrade of consumer electronics technology, 5G applications,has brought a strong demand for new materials. As a manufacturer of functional film equipment, JWELL Machinery, in order to meet the market demand of "high quality, functional, diversified and sustainable" industrial upgrading, the company strives for manufacturing excellence and is committed to providing high technical content and cost-effective customized equipment to more customers,
We provide customers with various types of precision coating die, invisible car coat film, optical film, protective film, lithium battery diaphragm, photovoltaic film, window film, explosion-proof film and other functional film equipment in different fields.


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