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Gathering in Jinling, JWELL Machinery and you will meet in China Plastics Sustainability Exhibition 2021

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Advocating green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, promoting the high-quality development of China's plastic industry, China Plastics Sustainability Exhibition 2021 will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center on November 3-5. As an exhibitor of the annual event with the theme of "green ecology and sustainable development of plastics", JWELL Machinery will carry plastic energy-saving and environmental protection equipment such as high-precision ultra-high-torque flat double mainframe, three-roller, hollow molding machine, three-machine co-extrusion unit and green new materials, degradable materials, plastic products, etc. and actively communicate with enterprises in the same industry, and explore the best service solutions with industry upstream and downstream enterprises. JWELL Machinery warmly welcome your arrival in Hall 8!


Over the years, JWELL Machinery has always been committed to the sustainable development of the plastic industry. In the field of biodegradable plastics, the complete sets of biodegradable plastic equipment provided by JWELL Machinery provide mature and stable extrusion solutions with excellent quality for customers in different fields such as modified pelletizing, PLA straw, blown film, sheet blister, 3D printing and medical supplies.
The advantageous features of PLA straw extrusion line of JWELL.
1. JWELL independent design: For PLA material crystallization molding, our company adopts special PLA screw design, new cooling weak vacuum calibration process, can meet the production needs of multi-spec PLA straws, the product has good plasticizing effect and high efficiency and energy saving.
2. High precision: Adopting high stability vacuum shaping process, digital pressure display is more convenient to adjust the precision control.
3. Precision online cutting: Traction cutting using full computer control, servo cutting system, online high-speed cutting accuracy of ± 0.05mm, digital input display, to meet any fixed length cutting.
4. Simple operation: The equipment uses the international advanced Berger PLC full set of control system, easy to regulate and control, stable operation. Digital display operation is simple and clear.




Biodegradable Plastic Starch Filling Modification Granulation Line



PBAT Environmental Sheet Extrusion Line



JWELL Machinery, with 24 years of dedicated, heartfelt manufacturing experience continue to plow the plastic equipment industry, focusing on various segments of the extrusion industry. In the face of the new normal of the industry, JWELL Machinery has achieved stable and healthy development through continuous innovation in market, business and management. JWELL has made substantial progress in expanding into recycling, biodegradable and other hot businesses in the circular economy and sustainable development. With the emergence and promotion of various new polymer materials, in recent years we have developed bio-degradable plastics compounding and pelletizing line, PET bottle flakes recycling&pelletizing line, medical grade PVC pelletizing line, graphene slit coated laminated film production line, 8500mm wide waterproof membrane production line, ASA decorative film production line, 1600mm three-layer solid wall pipe mold, BM30 continuous extrusion double-layer online fixed type hollow molding machine, PA film embossing production line, etc.

Introduction of new materials and products

PET bottle flakes recycling&pelletizing line


medical grade PVC pelletizing line


TPU braces sheet extrusion line


Extra-width PE waterproof sheet extrusion line


JWZ-BM series pallet blow molding machine


1600mm extra-thick pipe extrusion line


All kinds of shredder and crusher


Casting film roller


High speed laminating die head series


Various types of screw barrel precision partsc


In order to enrich the content of the exhibition, enhance the communication effect of all parties and achieve more accurate docking and cooperation, the exhibition will hold the "Third China Plastics Industry Chain Summit Forum", and hold a number of China Plastics Sustainable Development Series activities, organize a number of recycling, degradation materials and other sustainable development-related professional forums, summits, seminars, new product launches and other activities.The annual sub-industry meetings and council meetings, as well as market matching activities and professional training activities, which are centered on the work of branches, including the "Carbon Neutral Background of Degradable Plastics Technology and Application Seminar" of the Special Committee on Degradable Plastics, the "4th Polymer Material Recycling Symposium and 21st Sustainable Development Summit of Recycled Plastics" of the Special Committee on Plastic Recycling, and the "The 6th China Engineering Plastics Industry Innovation Conference 2021" of the Special Committee on Engineering Plastics, will bring a lot of new green innovations, products, technologies and market information for exhibitors and visitors.


Our strong technical team will open a zero distance technical communication with you at the exhibition site.
Whether new or old, we are looking forward to meeting you.
JWELL Machinery Booth: Hall 4
Let's, see you soon!

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