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JWELL Meet You at the Russia International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition Interplastica2022

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Although international travel is still restricted, the epidemic cannot stop the strong willingness of JWELL people to explore the international market and enhance the international influence of the brand.January 25-28, 2022,JWELL Foreign Trade Team(Byron Liu、Dima Huang、Spencer Zheng、Victor Fang、Victoria、Vera )went to Moscow to participate in the 24th Russia International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition Interplastica2022(booth:2.1D29),this is the recent month since the JWELL foreign trade personnel have participated in the Turkey International Oak and Plastic Exhibition, Egypt International Oak and Plastic Exhibition, and made another gorgeous appearance in the international professional market!


In the winter in Russia, snow is flying, in the Moscow International Rubber and Plastic Pavilion, JWELL and buyers from all over the world gathered together, and the negotiation atmosphere was very harmonious.This exhibition is a large professional exhibition of the plastic industry in Russia and surrounding areas, which JWELL attends every year,Interplastica is an important platform for our long-term partnership in Russia as well as in Eastern European countries.The main purpose of our visit this time is to have some interaction with the customers here,because of the epidemic,we used to be online, but now we actively come to the site for face-to-face direct contact with customers,through on-site professional explanation and communication, deep-depth negotiation with new and old customers, give them enough confidence, show that JWELL people have the ability to steadily meet the needs of customers, so that they can see our super value product value and professional services.






During the exhibition, most of the customers who came to the site had very clear goals, and they could also talk to you about some cooperation plans of the project very accurately.We also sent the instant video of the stable operation of the field equipment through the customer factory, and the customer was very satisfied,new and old customers at the exhibition site witnessed the brand and strength of JWELL,old customers spontaneously publicized and promoted for us free, so as to make JWELL brand more beautiful and brighter,pragmatic Russians have given their thumbs up, and new customers have reached cooperation intentions!With such a partner we believe that the JWELL will continue to shine on the world stage.




Years go by, heaven rewards diligence.Behind your selfless dedication is the unrepentant support and understanding of your relatives. All employees of the company say "Thanks for your hard work!"and extend the most cordial greetings and high respect!
Thanks again for the "most beautiful retrogrades" who stayed on the scene overseas during the epidemic.
I wish you all good health and auspicious Year of the Tiger!


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