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New Year New Market|JWELL people went to Egypt to participate in the International Plastics Exhibition PLASTEX2022

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At the beginning of the new year, the pace of JWELL's development of the international market has not stopped. JWELL's international business team set off again for Cairo, Egypt,participate in PLASTEX2022, Egypt International Plastics Exhibition on January 9-12, 2022 (Booth: E21, Hall 1),it opens an important chapter in JWELL's efforts to expand overseas markets in 2022!


The PLASTEX exhibition has been successfully held for 17 sessions and is one of the largest plastics industry fairs held every year in the Middle East and North Africa,Egypt and its surrounding markets are also one of the key markets for JWELL to develop,JWELL actively participated in the exhibition with many products such as sheets, tubes, profiles, films and hollow products,which attracted many new and old customers to come to negotiate and consult.Through on-site professional explanation and communication, in-depth negotiation with new and old customers, it has expanded the influence of JWELL Machinery in Egypt and surrounding markets, and has built an excellent platform for further in-depth expansion of the Middle East and the entire African market;At the same time, through this exhibition, we will further understand and get closer to Egypt and even the entire Middle East and North Africa market.During the exhibition, JWELL people's diligent, honest way of doing things and professional service concept were highly praised by the on-site visitors, showing the charm of the JWELL brand!



We have been attending the Egypt Plastics Exhibition for many years. The promotion and establishment of the brand is a long-term and persistent process. JWELL people firmly believe this.Therefore, even in such a severe moment of the epidemic, as long as conditions permit, we Jwell people will continue to exchange ideas face-to-face with partners from all over the world, bringing enough confidence to customers.Our personal experience at this exhibition is that the flow of people at the exhibition has indeed declined, but we believe that such a flow of people is still good under the epidemic. We also met with partners from all over the world as scheduled, and we met many at the booth. Old customers also let more new friends know JWELL.We will remember all the encounters at the exhibition, every "you" stepping into the Jwell booth will give us more interaction and closeness.



We always say, born under the red flag, grow in the spring breeze,all eyes are on the stage.But it's really not easy to do this. The company also provides a stage for every young person to fully display himself,I hope everyone can spread their wings and fly.Behind the quiet years,they engraved the footsteps of their efforts to expand the overseas market of JWELL.These "most beautiful retrogrades" fully demonstrated JWELL's fighting spirit of "being able to endure hardship and fighting" and its excellent quality that the more difficult it is, the more forward it is.


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