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Hollow Cross Section Plate Die Series

Hollow Cross Section Plate Die Series

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PC hollow plate used widely in constructions and decorations.The hollow grid plate die and feed block can make UV protection on both sides.The final production with a max width of 2100mm and have a high impact strengh, good weather resistance and UV protection.With adjustable upper and lower mold lips, production thickness relative errors can be controlled within 3%.
Different design can meet the different requirements of products, general polycarbonate hollow plate whose thickness is between 4-25mm, multi-layers plate such as H-cross section, X-cross section etc, the thickness of some can reach 36mm, and the UV layer can be coated.
The PP, PE hollow grid plate produced by special dies are light weighted, damp proof and have a high impact strength, which is widely used as advertising light panel, exhibition upholster, carry box etc.The thickness-range is 2-12mm and the width is 1200-2200mm.

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