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Waterproof Sheet Coil Die Series

Waterproof Sheet Coil Die Series

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PVC, EVA, PE new type of waterproof material have high performance of anti-permeability, water-proofness, thermo-stability and cryogenic property, high strength and elongation and have the characteristic of aging resistance, are widely used for waterproof in building roof of industry and civil construction,underground, tunnel, artificial lake, etc.

● CAD of manifold making the material distributing uniformly and realize the wide products.
● The lengthening die lip improved the uniform orientation, reduced the expansion of die, highly improved the reaction of regulating.
● Line of intersection for curve formed on the joint between the center manifold of die chamber and die lip can improve the flow of side directions and distributing.
● Micro-adjustable upper die lip and changeable lower die lip for producing different thickness(1-4mm, the maximum is 10mm).
● With the function of restrictor bar adjusting and be suitable for the extrusion of different materials and thickness.

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