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Biaxially Oriented Die

Biaxially Oriented Die

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The die is crucial part of the biaxially oriented cast sheet, directly decided to cast sheet shape and thickness uniformity. This biaxially oriented casting sheet die adopt coat hanger flow channel design, and equip with professional computer fluid analysis software, Flow channel CFD analysis and optimization, to obtain the best fluid parameters. Die openings adjustment adopts the push-pull type automatic die lip adjustment,through online thickness gauge of the thickness of the detected data through computer program processing after feedback to the special die lip thermal expansion regulating bolts, for the opening of the die lip thickness automatic fine-tuning, effective control of product precision. This die applicable for: BOPP, BOPS, BOPA, BOPET, BOPI products etc.

The die lip straightness, roughness and the size of the lip sharp angle is direct impact on the quality of products. After experiments and repeated demonstration, using short-wave pulse local hardening treatment can be effective in improving the quality of the die. so that hardened surface hardness, microstructure refinement, wear resistance superior to conventional quenching process. The die lip straightness and abrasion resistance is better.

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