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Features and applications of five types of biodegradable films

August 25,2022

1.High Heat Seal Strength Biodegradable Film 

Features: The transparency and softness of this film can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements. The heat seal strength can reach 12-20 MPa, soft, easy to be stored, with good air permeability and good printability. It is biodegradable.
Application: It can make all kinds of flat bags, hand bags, self-adhesive bags, undershirt bags, etc. It is also suitable for continuous automatic packaging line product packaging.

2. Heat sealable PLA transparent film 

Features: high transparency, very low haze, good gloss, can clearly show the appearance of the product, improve the sense of awareness, reflect the high-grade. Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food hygiene standards. Biodegradable.
Application: Widely used in color box skylight, flower packaging, flower sleeve, shoes and socks clothes packaging, cigarettes, books, greeting cards and stationery cover packaging. Can be used for snack, fruit, vegetable, bread, candy, easy to corrode type (meat, cheese, cooking) and other products packaging.

3. Home composting degradable film

Features: The main components of the film can support home composting degradation and can be certified as home composting degradation. The product can be composted at an ambient temperature of 20-30°C using a simple compost bin and can be degraded in up to 12 months. Can conveniently dispose of food waste wet waste.
Applications: used for pet garbage bags, shopping bags, continuous roll bags, express packaging bags, disposable household products (tablecloths, aprons, gloves, shower caps, etc.), food waste classification wet waste packaging, etc.

4. Paper-plastic laminated special transparent degradation film  

Features: good transparency, heat resistance, high tensile strength, impact strength, perfect match between rigidity and toughness. Small heat shrinkage, good bonding with paper. Good ink printability, protects the printed surface from fading. Resistant to friction, humidity and light, with waterproof and anti-fouling effect. The film surface Dainty value is above 38, suitable for paper-plastic compliance and biodegradation.
Application: widely used in food packaging, electronic packaging, cosmetic packaging and other color box lamination.

5.Biodegradable film for paper-plastic lamination

Features: translucent/opaque film, good stiffness, stretchability, good ink printing, multi-color printing, high film surface Dainty value, suitable for paper-plastic lamination. Biodegradable.
Application: It can be used for food, electronic products and cosmetic laminated packaging. The appearance after lamination is matte surface effect, which improves the grade of packaging.
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