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How to solve the feeding problem in the modified granulation process of extruder?

June 02,2022

The essence of the material problem of the exhaust port depends on the material flow Q2 extruder screwelements (thread sleeve, kneader block, toothed disc, etc.) in a certain area are suddenly broken;

B. The temperature in an area is suddenly out of control (the electric heating tile or electric heating rod is damaged, or the temperature control solenoid valve fails, or the temperature sensor is damaged, etc.)

C. Glass fiber roving wrapped rod, resulting in plastic melt blockage, etc.

Exhaust type extruder screw whether material, and the extrusion process, the plastic performance and extruder screw and vent design has a direct relationship, so the producers in the use of exhaust type plastic granulation extruder during production and processing, to the processing technology and resin properties and equipment performance to make detailed understanding, can make the exhaust type plastic extruder is normal and stable operation.

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