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Plastic recycling machine: SABIC to scale up recycling, bio-based material production globally

February 13,2023

Recently, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) announced at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (Davos Forum) its goal of achieving annual production of 1 million metric tons of TRUCIRCLETM sustainable materials by 2030,and reaffirmed its commitment to accelerate the development of a carbon circular economy.

SABIC’s first commercial advanced recycling plant in Geeren, the Netherlands is now in final construction phase, with delivery of first recycled polymer expected in 2023.

SABIC next steps to scale advanced recycling, physical recycling scale and production of bio-based materials worldwide as part of goals 2030 roadmap.SABIC also announced that the company is considering investing in a new world-scale commercial advanced recycling project, which is expected to produce approximately 200,000 metric tons of recycled materials per year if the project goes well.In addition, SABIC also plans to invest in the construction of small advanced recycling plants in Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah Hamman Al-Faji SABIC Executive CEO said:“driving circularity in the plastics industry requires a rapid transformation of the entire value chain, which cannot be achieved without joint action, innovation and collaboration across the industry and waste management ecosystem.At present, we are working together with upstream and downstream partners to accelerate this process.”

SABIC’srecyclable polymer productsand related technologies are an important part of the TRUCIRCLETM sustainable solution, through which SABIC is able to provide sustainable materials to partners in the value chain.TRUCIRCLETM sustainable solutions include certified recyclable products, certified renewable polymers based on second and third generation bio-based raw materials, post-consumer recycled products, marine andocean-going plastic recycling solutions, closed-loop solutions and Products that achieve recyclable design.

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