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Silicone Additives to Solve the Problem of PS Sheet Cutting Fluff

March 23,2022

Many PS manufacturers produce polystyrene sheets with a thickness of 40 filaments. When 50 sheets are cut at the same time, the surface of the product has a silk phenomenon (as shown in the figure), which does not meet the product requirements. Since the product of PS has good rigidity, some additives can be added to improve the toughness of the product.

When selecting additives, attention should be paid to the molecular weight of the additives, whether the carrier is compatible with PS, and the dispersion effect. Therefore, manyPS sheet manufacturerswill give priority to silicone additives.

In addition to lubrication, silicone additives can also improve the compatibility of the interface between non-polar inorganic minerals and organics, thereby playing a role in wetting. Therefore, silicone additives for PE carriers can solve the problem.

PS and PE are miscible in a small amount. There is no problem in adding no more than 5% of the PE carrier to the PS material. Therefore, it is recommended that customers add about 1% to 3%, and there are inorganic components in the silicone additives. It is the silicon we are talking about (here refers to silicon or silicate, that is, silicon in silicone additives and glass fiber or silicate in inorganic fillers, and fillers in polymers are almost all silicates), it is wrapped in the polymer material (polysiloxane) in a nucleated structure, and its intermolecular force is stronger than that of polymers and inorganic substances. In the market, many plastics industries are now using polymer silicone additives to replace low molecular lubricant additives. The product has stable performance, no precipitation, high temperature resistance, and at the same time changes its wear resistance. The hardness can also be adjusted.

The surface of PS sheet with silicone additives can be significantly improved, the gloss and stiffness are also improved, the surface toughness of the product is better, and it is smooth when cutting, and the problem of fuzzing of PS sheet is solved.

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