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The difference between mica heating ring and ceramic heating ring

July 01,2023

The difference between mica heating ring and ceramic heating ring extrusion machine plastic extruders plastic extrusion line
Mica heating rings and ceramic heating rings are both products that can help save electricity in factory equipment, and both types of heating rings are more commonly used in the market.

So what is the difference between them?

1.Different materials:

Mica heating ring insulation layer using mica winding layer, stainless steel for the thermal conductivity layer, the heating part is nickel-chromium wire, can be made according to customer requirements into different shapes of heating ring and other products.
The heating part of the ceramic heating ring is a metal wire twisted into a spring-like shape that passes through the ceramic strip to form a circle, the exterior of which is made of ceramic. The power will generally be 0.5-1.5 times higher than other electric heating coils.

2. Different advantages:

The mica heating ring has a beautiful and generous structure, can be made into various specifications, generates heat evenly, has a long service life, dissipates heat relatively quickly, and has the characteristics of high pressure resistance.
Ceramic electric heating ring shape is not as casual as mica heating ring, but also has a winding, can be made into a circle type, but also can be wrapped and laid flat on the heating object. Performance ceramic heating ring heating up fast, can realize automatic control, heat distribution evenly, longer service life, with higher thermal efficiency.

3. The heating temperature is different:

The maximum heat-resistant temperature of mica heating rings is around 200 degrees, while the maximum temperature of ceramic heating rings can reach 700-800 degrees.
These are the main differences between ceramic and mica heating rings. The heating rings are mainly suitable for extrusion, casting, downward mechanical operation and other scenarios, such as extrusion machines, injection moulding machines and film blowing machines. The heating rings have the characteristics of flexible installation, high thermal efficiency, no pollution and certain energy-saving effects.

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