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Casting Film Roller

Casting Film Roller

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JWELL manufactured casting film roller strictly according to European professional manufacturing standards. Several steps of welding and heat treatment process are applied to give ensurance to the overall rigidity and reliability of roller structure.

In order to ensure its efficient heat exchange, casting roller flow channel are designed with the special spiral, and through accurate calculation of the coolant flow, the roller surface temperature deviation are reduced to the least possible. It improves the temperature uniformity of the product.

The most important is the precision of dynamic balancing of roller.Specialized large dynamic balance calibration equipment and a variety of balance detection scheme, ensures smooth operation at high rotation speed.

Competitive Advantage

● Roller diameter: max. 1600 mm
● Roller cylindricity, concentricity both ≤0.005mm
● Roller surface hard chromium plated, coating thickness is 50 ~ 80 um
● Roller surface temperature deviation ±0.5~1℃
● Roller surface treatment: mirror polished, super finishing mirror, matt, mist and anti adhesive surface
● Speed: max. 800 m/min
● Overall deformation: < 0.05 mm at full load
● Best dynamic balance: Q = 3.2

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