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Chill Roller,Casting Roller

Chill Roller,Casting Roller

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This product is widely used in master casting forming of BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPS, BOPI biaxial oriented stretching line and longitudinal stretching line. Special inner circulation channle is designed to improve the heat conversion efficiency and temperature control accuracy. After replacing with this kind of technically updated roller, the casting effeciency will rise by 20%-30%.

Casting system is a step of of vital importance in film stretching line. The finish film quality after stretching will be finally based on master precsion of casting system. This casting roller manufactured by Suzhou Jwell Precision Machinery Co.,LTD has already been used a lot in high level stretching line imported from Europe and its performance in practical application obtains unanimous approval and favorable comment from customers.

Competitive Advantage

● Max diameter 1600mm
● Variable diameter alternating spiral flow channel
● Surface temperature precision±0.5℃
● High efficiency heat exchange technology performance
● High precision dynamic balancing correction
● High quality mirror face processing
● Anti-corrosion treatment of spiral flow channel

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