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Electromagnetic Heating Roller

Electromagnetic Heating Roller

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With the wide application of heating roller in various industries, electromagnetic heating roller is replacing heat conduction oil heating roller, so far electromagnetic heating roller is successfully used in laser anti-counterfeiting printing, die stamping, automotive laminated glass composite, composite film production, medical tape, pharmaceutical packaging, non-woven fabric production, aluminum-plastic panel agglutination, synthetic fiber, rubber and plastic calendaring and other industries.

Competitive Advantage

● Energy saving - 60% energy saving comparing with the heat conduction oil roller or steam roller
● High precision temperature control, temperature precision reaches ±0.5℃
● Faster heating up- takes only 25 min from room temperature to 200 ℃
● High working temperature, roller surface temperature can reach above 400 ℃ for operation , satisfies the requirement of high temperature production
● Environmental protection - all electric control, no oil pollution, clean production environment

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