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“Plastic Gold” Successfully Produced! The First in China!

March 17,2022

The first set of 3000 tons/year high gauge polybutene-1 industrial demonstration device started successfully in Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Branch in China and produced nearly 100 tons of qualified products.

Success of industrial demonstration of polybutylene-1 technology marks Sinopec’s presence in the field of high-end synthetic new materials.

Another major technological breakthrough has been made Sinopec become the fourth in the world and the first in China with continuous and stable production leader in polybutene-1 product capabilities.

Maybe many friends don’t know it yet what exactly is the purpose of this product?

I will come and talk to you.

Polybutene-1 product is not easy to crack and impact resistant and tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. Therefore, it enjoys the reputation of “plastic gold” and ideal for use as tubes, medical equipment, food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging and other usages.

It has excellent creep resistance, stress crack resistance and impact resistance. Tensile strength and impact strength are respectively 6-10 times and 3-4 times that of low-density polyethylene.

However, it is difficult to regulate by butene-1 polymerization and the product processing difficulty and other factors limit previously. There are only three companies in the world Basel in the Netherlands, Mitsui in Japan, Ilken in South Korea can produce. Domestic high-end polybutene-1 products all rely on import.

Since 2010, Sinopec has organized Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Branch, Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., East China University of Science and Technology and Sinopec Ningbo New Materials Research Institute and other units to jointly tackle key problems in the basic theory of polybutene-1, high-performance catalyst technology, homogeneous body olefin polymerization technology, polymer deep devolatilization technology, polybutene-1 high-end products, etc., gave full play to the combat advantages of the large corps in the field of new materials, overcoming a number of technical and engineering problems, and building 3000 tons / Industrial demonstration installation of the year.

The unit is generally running smoothly.

The key process indicators are advanced.

The product quality reaches the expected goal.

Next, Sinopec will anchor the strategic goal of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement courageously, shoulder the heavy responsibility of national strategic scientific and technological strength, continue to increase investment in research and development of high-end materials, develop more new grades of high-end polybutene-1, expand the application field of polybutylene-1 products forour pipe industrieskey materials are independently controllable and enhance market competitiveness and provide strong support.

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