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Research and Analysis of PP Pelletizing Machine Field

June 02,2023

The domestic market has invested more in PP, and the market competition will become more and more sufficient in the future. Most of the PP technology comes from overseas patents, and the localization rate of the core key complete sets of technologies is low. It is believed that the “14th Five-Year Plan” period will be a stage of rapid development.
Abstract : PP is an important product of the development of the chemical industry. It is widely used in various industries.PP extrusion machineis an important part of PP production. In order to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of PP production, attention should be paid to PP extrusion machine. The granulation process improves the technical level and standardizes the operation methods to produce high-quality PP. In-depth analysis of the problems in the PP extrusion granulation process and effective countermeasures, in order to continuously improve the PP extrusion granulation process, build a professional technical system, and promote my country’s PP production technology towards modernization and systematization In-depth development provides experience.
PP has the characteristics of strong hardness, strength, heat resistance and cold resistance, and is widely used in various industries. Extrusion granulation is an important production link of PP. It needs professional extrusion granulation production equipment and professional production technology as support to produce high-quality PP plastic products.
China’s PP extrusion granulation production technology is still in the exploratory stage , and some difficult problems are often encountered in the production process. It is necessary to continuously improve the extrusion granulation technology to improve the quality of PP plastic products.

(1)PP Extrusion Machine Working Process

Extrusion granulation is to fuse PP with additives, put it into the extrusion granulator through filtration, and extrude it in a special way, generally using high temperature, filtration and other methods to process it, and then Processed into PP pellets.
In the extrusion granulation process of PP, the most critical equipment is the extrusion granulator. The extrusion granulator has the advantages of high working efficiency, good extrusion granulation quality, and high degree of integration. It is a PP extrusion granulator. Granules of choice.
PP extrusion granulation is a comprehensive and complex operation process with strong professionalism and many links involved. It not only requires professional operation methods, but also needs advanced equipment to assist and cooperate with each other. Certain risks.2. Overview of PP

(2)PP Introduction

The overall cost performance of PP is relatively high among similar products, and it is widely used in industrial production. With the continuous development of my country’s industry, the market demand for PP continues to increase, but a complete PP production process system has not yet been formed, and there is a certain gap with developed countries.
In the production of PP, two methods are generally used, the gas phase method and the bulk method. The two methods will produce different chemical reactions, and there are certain differences in the produced PP. At present, there are still some shortcomings in my country’s PP production, and the production technology needs to be improved.

(3)PP Extrusion Machine Granulation Problems

3.1 Unstable quality of PP extrusion granulation
The PP extrusion granulation process is affected by many factors, resulting in unstable quality of PP extrusion granulation, in which the external environment, temperature, etc. The internal structure of propylene causes the internal structure of PP to be unstable, which ultimately affects the quality of PP finished products. Through the summary of practical experience, the uneven heat distribution and rough surface of the template are important factors that lead to particle fluctuations in the extrusion granulation process.
3.2 Problems with extrusion granulation tools
Extrusion granulation cutter is the main equipment . In order to meet the needs of PP production, there are many different cutter types. Different types of knives have different service life, and the performance of the knives is affected by many factors, such as the extrusion granulation environment, temperature, etc., which can easily cause serious wear of the knives and seriously reduce the service life of the knives.
The rapid tool wear is mainly caused by two factors: the distance between the tool and the template is too large or too small, and the temperature distribution of the template is uneven. Once the distance between the cutter and the template is not controlled within a reasonable range, it will not only increase the wear of the cutter, but also reduce the working efficiency of the cutter, resulting in a decline in the quality of the finished PP product; the uneven temperature distribution of the template cannot provide good construction conditions for the cutter. The degree of cooperation with the tool is poor, resulting in severe wear of the tool.
Therefore, in order to avoid excessive tool wear and serious problems, the operator should pay attention to the maintenance of the tool and the regular inspection and maintenance of the template, and control the distance between the tool and the template within a reasonable range to ensure that the overall temperature of the template is evenly distributed , Real-time and dynamic supervision of the template situation and the performance of the cutting tool can detect problems in time and solve them in time to ensure the quality of PP finished products and avoid economic losses to the enterprise.

(4)Deal with the problem of PP extrusion Machine granulation

4.1 Treatment measures for the problem of unstable extrusion granulation quality
(1) The template is an important equipment that affects the extrusion and granulation of PP, and the template should be inspected and maintained regularly. First of all, check whether the formwork is deformed and whether the parts are installed firmly; whether the overall heat of the formwork is uniform, and it must be ensured that the overall heat of the formwork is uniform, so as to achieve a high degree of cooperation with the tool; the sag of the formwork should always be kept within a reasonable range Inside, it can improve the efficiency of matching templates and cutters and ensure the quality of PP finished products.
(2) Pay attention to the cleaning of the internal holes of the formwork. During the extrusion and granulation process of PP, it is easy to leave some impurities in the internal holes of the formwork, which will affect the performance of the formwork. Once the internal holes of the formwork are not effectively cleaned for a long time, the formwork will not work normally, which will seriously affect the construction progress. Therefore, the internal holes of the formwork should be cleaned regularly to always ensure the cleanliness of the holes. At the same time, after the holes are cleaned, the surface needs to be polished to achieve efficient cooperation between the formwork and the tool.
(3) Ensure tool performance. Before PP machine extrusion granulation, the performance of the cutter needs to be checked to ensure the strength, hardness and rigidity of the cutter. There are many types of knives, and the selection of knives needs to be combined with the actual needs of PP production. For example: using different types and sizes of knives to conduct granulation experiments, and selecting the best performance knives can greatly improve the work efficiency of extrusion granulation and achieve the goal of ensuring the quality of PP.
4.2 Treatment measures for extrusion granulation tool problems
Knives and templates are important for PP extrusion machine and granulation, which directly affect the quality of PP. During the use of knives, there are often rapid and serious problems of tool wear and tear. Improvements can be made from the following two aspects:
(1) Pay attention to regular grinding of the tool to avoid problems such as blunt knife and forced feeding of the tool. At the same time, strictly control the distance between the tool and the template to ensure that the tool and the template can achieve efficient cooperation and prolong the service life of the tool .
(2) Control the temperature distribution of the template. The temperature of the template often has the problem of uneven heating, which affects the performance of the tool and causes serious wear of the tool. Therefore, scientific technology should be used, combined with advanced temperature detection and control equipment, to control the template temperature. Carry out real-time monitoring, once the phenomenon of uneven temperature heating occurs, it can give early warning, adjust the temperature of the template in time, and reduce the degree of tool wear.


The continuous development of the chemical industry, the continuous improvement of technology, and the emergence of many new processes have improved the overall development of the industry. PP is a new type of non-toxic, harmless, green and environmentally friendly material, which has been widely used in various industries. Extrusion granulation is an important part of PP production, which should be paid attention to. The key equipment for granulation should always ensure the good performance of the cutter, control the uniform heating of the template, realize the efficient cooperation between the cutter and the template, improve the quality of PP finished products, and promote the better and faster in-depth development of my country’s PP industry.

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