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What are the advantages of using TPE/TPR plastic as a toy material?

December 01,2022

At present most domestic companies usually usePVC soft plasticfor most of their toys. However, as mostPVC soft rubber containsthe toxic plasticizer phthalate, the safety hazard is great …… and TPE/TPR plastic has recyclable properties, does not contain any potentially toxic ingredients, has adjustable hardness, supports oil spraying, screen printing and printing processing, and is a good alternative to PVC plastic!

Learn more about the advantages of using TPR/TPR as a toy material below.

01 Excellent colour matching and oil spray screen printing performance

Most of the toy products are brightly coloured and require high colouring properties for TPR materials. A good TPR has good colour dispersal and colouring properties, which enables the colours to achieve realistic effects.

In the process of spray painting and screen printing, TPR also has excellent adhesion, so that the paint does not fall off when sprayed. Of course, the matching of TPR rubber and ink paint is also very important, and suitable paint ink should be selected according to the characteristics of TPR.

02 Excellent elastic properties

TPE/TPR material has good flexibility, high resilience, smooth and bright surface, not easy to crack. Increasing the proportion of filling oil can further reduce the hardness of the material to achieve a soft feel, and there is no need to worry about oil penetration leading to a sticky surface ……

03 Good forming and processing properties
TPE/TPR materials have moderate fluidity, easy moulding and processing, injection moulding temperatures of 170 to 190°C, and are less prone to moulding appearance problems such as shrinkage and burrs.

In addition, these materials have tear and abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and material resistance to bending fatigue for greater durability.


We are catching up with the era of consumer upgrading, consumers are becoming more and more discerning in their aesthetics and have higher and higher requirements for safety and environmental protection. So the use of TPE/TPR plastic to make a good quality and environmentally durable toy is bound to have a very good development in the future!

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