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What will be the development trend of the PVC extrusion line and PVC flooring industry in China in the future?

September 26,2022

1.Accelerated development
China’s lower labour and raw material costs have laid a solid foundation for the development of domestic companies producing PVC flooring, and the broad market and rapidly growing demand are attracting more and more companies to enter the PVC industry. It is expected that in the next few years, PVC flooring production and sales will increase more than any other material and will become one of the fastest growing specialty economies.

2、Wider range of applications
In addition to public places, PVC flooring’s natural lightness, flame retardancy, moisture resistance and slip resistance make it the most popular decorative material in the future. In addition to being widely used in public places, it will also enter the home improvement market on a large scale, further widening the range of applications.

3、More environmentally friendly and healthy
With the continuous optimisation and improvement of technology and processing, PVC flooring will become more environmentally friendly and healthy, with improved and enhanced safety and more efficient use of resources, making it the most popular recycled and high-quality decorative material.

4.Increasingly demanding installation techniques
The unrestricted demand for the safety of decorative materials and the never-ending pursuit of decorative effects will greatly change the simple installation process of existing PVC flooring. In order to better show the colourful decorative effect of PVC flooring, the technical level of the installation companies and installers will be increasingly demanding, which will promote a more mature PVC construction technology and a more standardised industry.

5、An increasingly clear division of labour
As with the domestic PVC development process in recent years, the imported brands have a relatively standardised and systematic sales and installation system, with a very clear division of labour between them and raw material suppliers who are very familiar with the materials and properties and are the best construction organisers and have become one of the most significant features of the domestic PVC flooring industry. In the next few years, domestic PVC producers will, as well, not only be providers of PVC flooring, but also the best construction guarantors of PVC flooring.

6、Strengthening of industry concentration
Although PVC flooring has not developed for a long time in China, the regional nature has been very obvious, the industry is relatively concentrated and has formed four major industrial bases in Beijing, Zhangjiagang, Shanghai and Guangzhou. With the continuous expansion of the production scale of domestic brand enterprises, the concentration of the industry will be further strengthened and the monopoly will become stronger and stronger, and promote the cooperation and integration between industries.

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